What New Jersey Means To Us

New jersey Collage

We are so excited to return to our Jersey roots this coming weekend!

We are playing on Saturday, December 8th at the Beautiful St. Peter’s Performing Arts Center in Jersey City. It is a stones throw (well, a PATH ride) away from Manhattan so we want to see all of our Jersey and NYC fans! Get your tickets here!

New Jersey is rich with beautiful landscapes, big cities, small towns, and a long musical legacy. We’ve been thinking about what the Garden State means to us and want to share a few thoughts

When I think of New Jersey, I think of families and friends…all the amazing people that supported us during Jersey Boys and now The Midtown Men! – Daniel

I think home away from home. I think of the great people. Like they say, “You don’t forget where you come from.” -Christian

New Jersey means family. There’s such an emphasis on families having good times together. -Bobby

When I think of New Jersey, I think of good musicians. ¬†Whitney Houston, Frankie Valli, Bruce Springsteen–iconic singers that changed music forever. -Michael

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